about us

About us


It all began with a Linedance - trial course with the Country Women's Association.

After a very short time, I knew, Linedance - that's it !

Dancing without partner but still in a group of like-minded people, is exciting and instructive.

But as it often happens, after a while, the individual levels drifted far apart and I felt increasingly bored and undertaxed.

I needed a new challenge - and found this, by chance, in our gymnastics group !  Our instructor fell ill and I fell in - in Line with an easy Linedance-Choreo !

a different gymnastics lesson was launched ...


 With us since the first "different" Gymnastics lesson !



... discovered Linedance at the same Trial Course !

She has left us now, though, to live in Uganda, where she is dedicating her time to managing her Travel Agency.

All the very best of luck to you !!!

There's a lot of free space here, for many more dancers  !

Are you interested in joining us - contact us, we are looking forward to meeting new colleagues.

And even though we dance "solo", you're most welcome as a pair !

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