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Welcome on our Page !

As part of our Gymnastics Club Fit + Spass, Dietikon, we meet, once a week, for dancing and practice.

 Sometimes we organise Linedance - Trial Courses ...

To have Fun is our aim !

As we are not a Dance School as such and do not offer Dancing lessons in the usual sense.


is Fun
 there is no need for a Dance Partner
keeps Body and Soul fit

But, what exactly is Linedance  ?

If you want to know more, read on !!! Are you already infected, skip it ....

- Linedance means, dancing in a group but still on your own.

- Dancers stand in rows, side by side and behind each other, and dance as synchronicaly and equispaced as possible.

- Linedance works with whatever music, very well liked though, are country- and westernsongs.

- There is a choreography for nearly every song, with accurately defined step sequences and combinations, various lengths and different levels of difficulty.

- That means, of course, that not only your legs are in constant motion, but, becauce you need to remember those step sequences and so as not to get disoriented while swivelling, your memory is also tested.

- So, Linedance is not only physical fitness but also brainwork, and therefore perfect for our mental health.

- Suitable for everybody, no matter what age.

- With a certain love of music and motion, as well as the needed concentration, those choreographies are easily manageable.

Fit4Fun Linedancers

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